Five years ago my husband and I moved ourselves, and some of our belongings to a new home. We traded in acres and a pool for a view of the water with almost no regrets. Almost.

You see there is one thing I do miss and, it’s my garden. There’s something so spiritual for me when I have my hands in the dirt and a joyous excitement watching something grow and flourish from seed to bloom.

I don’t have much space anymore for a traditional garden but I can be creative with unique planters and seeds. I can nurture them with care and attention so they grow to their full potential.

Tending to our hearts, our minds, and our relationships is much like planting a garden.

  • We do best when surrounded by good soil. If the soil is not optimal, we can add the right nutrients to enrich our foundation and fortify us.
  • The beginning of growth may appear slow as we won’t see the fruits of our labor immediately. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t progressing. So we can practice patience, and trust that we are building a foundation that will grow strong.
  • We need sunshine, sometimes lots of it, especially when we feel vulnerable.
  • We also need rain. In fact, we won’t grow without it.
  • Weeds are inevitable. So we should be mindful and recognize them. And if we address them before they get too big, we will continue to thrive.
  • When we grow and flourish, we can continue to cultivate to our well-being, staying rooted in what’s most important, being mindful of our physical and emotional needs

    That’s how our strength and our joy multiplies. It’s how we grow into our full potential.

    How are you tending to your “garden” on a daily basis?

    Two Quotes to Nourish You

    “Every storm runs out of rain.” – Maya Angelou

    (No matter how dark the clouds of sorrow and despair, eventually the storm will pass by and sunshine will follow.)

    The last thing to grow on a fruit tree is the fruit.

    (Remember this when you feel like giving up because you are not seeing results.)

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